Author's course
for dentists of all specialties

Basics of laser medicine.
The use of lasers in dentistry

The course will give you knowledge of basic laser systems and the skills to use a variety of laser application techniques in your practice, as well as the legal possibility of using a laser in your dental practice.
Exclusive author's course from dms. prof. Shugailov Igor Alexandrovich. Being a member of the StAR since its inception, he has repeatedly organized and participated in conferences and symposia in various regions of Russia. In 2007, he created the section of the STAR "Association of Laser Dentistry", the chairman of which he was elected and is currently. Under his leadership, 5 international congresses were held in Moscow, the magazine "Innovative dentistry" was founded and published.
Course benefits
The most competent teachers in the Russian Federation on the use of lasers in dentistry
Practical lesson on laser equipment from different manufacturers
Questions of onconstruction and oncodiagnostics
The full amount of information, starting with the basics of physics, physiology and pathophysiology
Training over 25 scientifically based newest methods of laser application in dentistry

5 blocks / 16 topics / 1 workshop

1. Laser medicine, physical aspects;
2. Physical principles of the operation of lasers (stimulated emission, pumping, feedback);
3. Properties of laser radiation (monochromaticity, available ranges, directivity, temporal characteristics);
4. Focusing and transportation of laser radiation;
5. Propagation of laser radiation in biological tissues. Dependence of absorption and scattering of radiation in biological tissues on the wavelength;
6. Changing the properties of biological tissues when heated. The effect of temporal characteristics on the effect of radiation on biological tissue. Types of effects of laser radiation on biological objects.
1. Types of lasers (gas, solid-state, semiconductor, fiber, frequency-doubling lasers) and medical devices based on them. Methods of radiation exposure to biological tissue;
2. Tools and devices used with laser systems;
3. Safety when working with laser radiation. Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the placement of laser equipment. Legal basis of laser therapy. Documentation.
1. Basics of photodynamic therapy (PDT) and fluorescent diagnostics;
2. The use of PDT and fluorescent diagnostics in dentistry;
3. Review of foreign clinical experience;
4. The use of diode lasers for PDT, discoloritis and inflammatory diseases of oral tissues;
5. Fundamentals of methods, materials and tools used.
1. Clinical, medical, technical and legal aspects of laser dentistry;
2. The use of lasers for dental interventions on soft, hard dental tissues and jaw bones:
- odontopreparation,
- endodontics,
- surgical dentistry (mucous membrane, muscle tissue, epidermis),
- periodontics,
- implantology,
- operations on soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity (benign tumors and tumor-like neoplasms, cysts).
Practical classes and workshops with demonstration on patients are held on each topic. The practical part is carried out on fragments of the jaws of animals and teeth extracted. For practice, use at least three different models of lasers.
What gives you a successful learning?
You can:
  • Apply the most popular and effective tool in dental practice - the laser.
  • Apply the laser in any direction of dentistry: surgical dentistry, endodontics, periodontics, preventive dentistry and hygiene, children's dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, orthopedics and even orthodontics.
  • Perform more effective treatment, reduce the anesthetic burden on the patient and reduce the time required to treat one patient by up to 40%

You will get:
  • You are guaranteed to move to a new, higher level of medical practice. Your competitiveness as a specialist will increase! You are in demand and keep up with the times!
  • 72 points NMO.
  • The certificate of the established sample.
  • Access to the distance learning system with videos of all the lectures of the course for 2 weeks for self-study and full learning.
Upon completion of training issued
certificate of professional development

Advantages of AISt
Legal aspects
We will reveal to you all the legal aspects of the use of laser equipment in dentistry in the Russian Federation, which are usually ignored by manufacturers and sellers. All algorithms for obtaining permits and rules of use, as well as the necessary documents for legal work on the laser equipment will be issued to you.
Technology Compliance
Why do so many mistakes make doctors WITHOUT our course? Why so many complications or not the desired result?
The laser is a powerful and dangerous tool that must be used with full understanding and adherence to the technology and application methods!
No sales
No sales of laser equipment. Only honest information about all the advantages and disadvantages of equipment on the Russian market to you. Assistance in the selection of equipment that is suitable for your conditions.
Beginning of classes on February 20
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Accepting applications will end in:
Learning options:
30 000
3 full days (2 days of lecture + 1 day master class).
+ access to the distance learning system for 2 weeks before classes and 2 weeks after classes for self-repetition-study
Internally-in absentia
22 000
Access to the distance learning system with video lectures for 2 weeks before the master class and 2 weeks after
+ 1 day full-time workshop