Dr Gabriele Vaccaro
Dentystry Degree by the Palermo University – Italy in 2003 with a 110/110 credits
- Reconstructive dentistry and aesthetic by Dr Berutti and Dr Mangani (2004)
- Endodonthic annual master by Dr Palmeri (2005)
- Implant prosthesis annual master by dr Amato (2006)
- Post-graduate advanced implantology master by the Modena and Reggio Emilia Universisyt (Professo Consolo – 2007)
- 2005/2009 Clinic owner and director: Palermo – Italy
- 2009 Ot Dental Studio clinic director – Bologna Italy
Speaker and demonstrator in Italy, Euro and Asian countries since 2010 as implant prosthesis specialist.
Rhein'83 international speaker and demonstrator since 2011.